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Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach
Everyone working together—with purpose—it sounds so simple. And it should be. It's not. There are lots of theories, lots of technology out there to facilitate collaboration. Yet the biggest challenges to getting people to work together remain cultural and organizational.

When we replaced traditional top-down management with Client Response Teams more than a decade ago, we used informal interaction, training, and counseling to build empowered, self-managed teams to serve our clients.

Every team member is trained to re-think procedures, question old methods, to simplify, and streamline. Consensus building is critical and focused upon the best solution. Each team's chief responsibility is to champion the client's goals.

After all, even though we wield a large facility and a diverse group of associates who can deliver every nuance of brand identity a retailer could ever need, at the end of the day, what collaboration really delivers is better service.

Not only do we partner with our clients, we also seek collaborative relationships with our suppliers. They appreciate our continuous search for new products and innovation. If they can build a better light box, get a cleaner cut, deliver goods faster, or reduce costs, they contact us first. At Total Image, the can-do attitude leaves the door always open for action and communication from every supplier, every client, and every associate at all levels.

Simply put, our success depends on yours. Perhaps this is why more than 85% of our business is from repeat customers and why we've earned long-term franchise agreements with companies like Wendy's International, Maverik, and Federated Stores.