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A national merchandiser of athletic shoes and apparel, Airwalk implemented a “store within a store” concept in selected retail chains. Airwalk and its design fulfillment firm, IDL, Incorporated, conceived a “worn urban” motif to differentiate its brand from the more established competition.

Total Image provided 3-inch thick letters for the back wall, a suspended circular logo, along with graphic light boxes. IDL had originally planned to fabricate the letters and logo in painted aluminum. We proposed molding these items in foamed polyurethane and ABS plastic, which proved to be much lighter in weight, easier to install, and amazingly faithful to the slightly corroded galvanized steel look envisioned by the designers. Best of all, the cost, including the intricate molds, was less than half that projected for using aluminum.

Ken Bohl, purchasing manager for IDL had this to say about working with us: “We’ve developed a strong partnership with Total Image because of their creative ideas, their dedication to keeping costs down, and their excellent delivery. They have all of our polyurethane molding business now, because they’ve earned it.”