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Effective retail banking is all about accessibility. Bank One believes that customers should have 24/7 access to their bank. Most clients visit a banking center and have contact with customer service personnel. Many banking customers primarily access their accounts through the ATM network. Either way, it is a must that these be branded consistently to reinforce the Bank One brand to each and every customer, each and every time they bank. But in a tight budget environment, it can be hard to allocate those dollars to improve the brand.

Total Image was given this challenge and also the constraints of time and budget. Our approach suggested the creation of ATM toppers with vacuum formed bases to reduce cost and overcome potential permitting issues to save significant time during rollout for the ATM network. For the customer service center, we proposed a similar header for installation in over 1,000 locations. Impressed with our ideas, Bank One endorsed the Total Image solution. We produced and installed 1,000 headers. In addition, we were able to produce 7,000 ATM toppers at under $200 each.