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When BP and Amoco announced a merger, no entity was affected more profoundly than the Lyden Company. After 78 years as Amocoís oldest and largest dealer distributor, it not only distributed Amoco fuel, but also sold fuel under Amocoís Fast Check retail umbrella.

Because of its depth of experience and infrastructure, Lyden never considered abandoning the fuel/convenience store market. Lyden management decided to go with Shell as a fuel provider. When it came to Total Image, our team felt Lyden should develop a new retail entity. Our research demonstrated that the name Fast Check was irrelevant to consumers. Thatís when TrueNorth was born, consisting of TrueNorth Markets for a large-format store and TrueNorth Stores for smaller locations.

We designed and built a new brand identity consisting of everything from logo and graphics to new colors and interior design. Our approach was rolled out quickly and with the brand consistently implemented across the marketplace, we again returned to market assessment and recommended tweaks to the concept execution to ensure even greater financial returns.